Curriculum Vitae


Tim is very goal focussed and involved in both personal, team and business delivery. On a personal level he is a Commonwealth Games Triathlete, World Championships Rower and British National Champion at Coastal Rowing. As well as a former athlete he is a high performance coach and involved in sport management. In a business context he has written Fund Management software, been Head of Technology for a Retail Group and responsible for large-scale change projects including transforming public sector organisations into private companies. These have included Jersey Post Office, Harbours and Airport. His experience is supported by expertise and qualifications including MBA, Chartered BCS, PostGrad Law & Compliance, and Banking Qualifications, PRINCE2, Lean-Greenbelt, APMG-Change Practitioner.


Helping people and organisations get things done.

I deliver performance solutions previously in sport now in business and for community.

My sport performance background includes Triathlon (Commonwealth Games 2006) & Ironman (2006-2016) and Rowing (World Champs 2009, 2010, 2016), GB Champion Coastal Rowing (2017). I am also a coach and a team-player including having been Athletes’ Representative for the Jersey Commonwealth Games (2014).

My business background includes transforming public sector organisations into commercial businesses. I was responsible for the incorporation of the Post Office and Ports of Jersey. I am also expert in projects, processes and change. I was Operations Change and Sales Support Manager for NatWest and RBS International and more recently responsible for the Programme Office at CI Cooperative.

My community background includes being Lecturer & Trainer for Chartered Management Institute, Independent Non-Executive – Public Accounts Committee and Participant Jersey Policy Forum. I am also Former Chair of Pharmaceutical Benefits Committee

Projects Programmes & Change Management
Governance, Process, Regulation and Compliance
Business Analysis
Training and Development
Team Building, Coaching and Mentoring

Myers Briggs MBTI is INTJ. DISC-Style is [D]riven and [C]onscientious
Values include Passionate, Analytical, Consultative

PROGRAMME OFFICE – set-up Strategy, Projects and Change Office
GDPR CONSULTANCY – for Jersey Charities, Ports of Jersey, Care Homes
INTEGRATION PROJECTS – Supporting, streamlining 3 Medical Practices
AQUISITION PROJECTS – Supporting $20m acquisitions in UK, Luxembourg, Canada, and Guernsey
PROJECT DIRECTOR – Health and Social Services Governance Review
INVESTOR DIRECTOR – Oversight of process & business growth for investors
TRANSFORMATION – Integration and commercialisation of Jersey Harbours and Airport
CHANGE PROJECTS – Incorporation Jersey Post Office

MBA, Chartered BCS, Banking and Compliance Qualifications
PRINCE2 & APMG Change Practitioner
PostGrad EC Competition Law
Lean Processes-Greenbelt

Independent Non-Executive – Public Accounts Committee
Participant Jersey Policy Forum
Highlands – Tutor Lecturer for Chartered Management Institute
Association of Jersey Charities – Former Committee Member
Former Chair of Pharmaceutical Benefits Committee
Athletes’ Representative for the Jersey Commonwealth Games Association
Triathlon (Commonwealth Games 2006) & Ironman (2006-2016)
Rowing (World Champs 2009, 2010, 2016), GB Champion Coastal Rowing (2017)

Postgraduate Qualifications
Diploma in International Compliance (Merit)
Kings College London Postgraduate Diploma in EC Competition Law(Merit)
Sheffield Hallam MBA (Management Consultancy)
Diploma in Corporate Banking (Corp & Commercial Relationships, Lending, Risk and Performance Management)

Highlands College, Jersey
D32 / D33 Assessor for Institute Of Management (1999)
Offshore Certificate: Fund Management (1996)
Management National Vocational Qualification Level 4 (1995), Level 5 (1997)
Association of Accounting Technicians (Level 3): Cost and Management Accounting (Pass), Organizational and Financial Control (Pass), Systems Analysis and Design (Pass) (1994)
Jersey Company And Trust Administration Courses: Investments (Pass with merit.), Company and Trust Administration (Pass with merit.), Accounts (Pass.) (1990)

Jersey Policy Forum – Data Protection Lead
Farm Jersey – Research & Workshop Facilitation
Beaumount Group – GDPR advice and support for Charities

Insurance Business – Interim Chair of Risk Committee
CI Cooperative – Project Management Retail Solutions
Ports of Jersey – Project Management Data & Information Security
Commercial Business – DR (Disaster Recovery) and BCP (Business Continuity Planning)
Retail Business – Project Support for delivery of Travel System
Public Sector – Records Management and Document Management Systems
Agricultural Sector – Review and consultation for Jersey Royal Potato Industry
Randalls- Consultancy re Data & Information Security
JFSC – Project Management Basel III
Les Houmets – GDPR advice and support
Calligo Cloud – $20m acquisition programme in Guernsey, Luxembourg, Canada
Health and Social Services – reviewing governance models for service delivery
Medibooks UK – Clinical Billing System for GPs to manage non-NHS income
Total Solutions Group – supporting eHealth projects
Ports of Jersey – review of Airport Operational Database
Jersey Hospice – new clinical records system
Visit Jersey – office re-location project
Incorporation (“Privatization/Commercialization”) of Ports of Jersey

ALX Analytix ( Small Business ) Management Consultancy
Community Savings ( Small Business ) Project Advice
Durrell Wildlife ( Charity ) Compliance Documentation
Family Mediation ( Charity ) Compliance Documentation
Headway ( Charity ) Management Consultancy
HollCameron ( Accounting Firm ) Management Consultancy
Jersey Business ( Public Authority ) Training
Jersey Cheshire Home ( Care Home ) Compliance Documentation
Jersey Sport ( Public Authority ) Training
Les Houmets Care Home ( Care Home ) Compliance Documentation
Macmillan ( Charity ) Project Oversight
MHA Ltd ( Care Home ) Compliance Documentation
Ports of Jersey ( Public Authority ) Project Management
Prison Me No Way ( Charity ) Compliance Documentation
Words and Numbers ( Charity ) Compliance Documentation
Work Matters ( Charity ) Compliance Documentation
MR Consulting Ltd ( Small Business ) Excel Programming
PraxisIFM ( Finance ) Training
Soulgenic ( Fitness Club ) Training




PROJECT The Channel Islands Cooperative Society (CICS) operates grocery stores in Jersey and Guernsey as well as fuel forecourts, pharmacies, funeral services and travel agencies. CICS engaged Adapt Consulting (Tim Rogers) to work with the Strategy Manager to design and deliver a new Programme Management Office function to support the delivery of change across the business.

OUTCOME The new Programme Management Office provides support with strategy development, business planning, project delivery, training for project teams and improved project governance and reporting. Tim Rogers also provided practical support to project managers, including guidance on tenders, procurement, contracts and supplier management to help them deliver their projects.

TESTIMONY Tim’s style, manner and pragmatic approach has been very valuable. He has helped us to implement simple, yet robust project management processes and governance. His commercial knowledge combined with PRINCE2, Scrum, and Agile has been useful to create an approach which works for our business. His contribution will have a positive and lasting effect on the way we work as a team.


Chief Officer, Economic Development to Scrutiny Panel Sept 2013
Those 9 work streams are working alongside each other, but it is being worked under a signal project management structure and the incorporation project board meets once a month at least to review how all of that progress is doing and how it is all knitting together because there are dependencies that flow through those projects. So this has been managed as close to a big project, project management discipline as I have ever seen here. It has been … this is what I would call a proper job in terms of project management. I think it will set a standard for the management to do some of the more complex projects right across Government . There are people at the top of it that are doing it who have pure project management expertise. It does not matter for them whether they are project managing building an incinerator, the new hospital or whatever, it is discipline that we have brought to bear on this project, because it is so complicated.

Chief Officer, to Chief Minister and Political Oversight Group
Tim Rogers completed the Incorporation Programme post implementation review, and attached is the final report closing down the project. The report demonstrates the project complexity, delivered and under budget, and huge success in achieving Incorporation of the Ports, something that many felt was unachievable when we started this journey.


We used Tim Rogers (Adapt Consulting) to create a data protection video customised to reflect the way we operate in the Ports of Jersey. The result was professional looking and pitched at the right level to be useful across the organisation. We liked this so much that we anticipate a series of these short and sweet training videos.[Jenny Marek-Murray, Director Ports of Jersey]

Workshops for 60 people across 35 different sports We particularly appreciated the way in which you took the complex world of GDPR and presented practical ideas and solutions for sports clubs and associations to consider. All of the information was brought to life with scenarios that the sports community can relate to, many of whom are volunteers. Your approach to making this topic understandable with a focus on supporting sports is refreshing and valued. The discussions your sessions have created are really positive. James Tilley – Jersey Sport

I think yesterday went very well – in fact I think it is the best we have spent for a while. The reason I say this is because you have given us some very practical pointers which we feel is relevant to our business – others have simply bamboozled us with high tech tools and tried to scare us into purchasing them Truusje Gamlin – Hollcameron

From the outset Tim’s style, manner and pragmatic approach distinguished him from other consultants. For one, he was deeply knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the topic and we had a real sense of being supported by someone with a clear focus on achieving our objectives. Tim was happy to adopt our chosen preference for one to one engagement and desire to address the detail of the practical implications. He was able to distil complex matters into readily understandable actions. Our lasting impression of Tim’s work with us is one of ease of communication, total commitment and a reassuring knowledge of the subject matter. Stephen Eldred CommunitySavings

Your talk was presented at the correct level for the audience and the participants appeared to be engaged for the whole session. Your in-depth knowledge and passion for the topic was apparent, and you managed to answer all the questions that were ask in a simple and concise manner, without missing a beat.Dave Hardman, Ports of Jersey

Tim delivered workshops to our member charities on the subject of GDPR. He managed to take all the scariness out of the subject and gave them good clear advice on how to write their policies and how to deal with the law. Thank you Tim! Lyn Wilton, Administrator, Association of Jersey Charities

Randalls is a large business with pubs and restaurants, wholesale and a store in Jersey. We manage a significant amount of personal data (customers, staff, suppliers and business partners) for the operation of our business. Tim Rogers (Adapt Consulting) has been a key business partner for the roll-out of training for managers and the Board. He also helped us develop our data protection policies and procedures and offered advice on the log and audit of data and process mapping. Additionally, he provided a practical, fast and valuable response to data protection queries. Tim Rogers (Adapt Consulting) is practical with advice and responsive to business needs with a clear focus on helping achieve the businesses objectives.


I have really enjoyed working with Tim for a few sessions. After the chaotic 2020 we have all experienced, the thoughts in my head felt like the insides of a tumble dryer. I knew I had the solutions for some of the challenges I was experiencing, I just couldn’t tease them out. Speaking with Tim helped me to unravel some of the strands of my thinking and follow them through to identify several potential options as well as talk through the role I play in each scenario. Having someone listen without judgement and ask inciteful questions was invaluable at the time that I needed it the most. I have recommended him to others. [Anon. Manager, Education and Learning]

I found Tim’s approach to coaching extremely helpful in exporting ideas and thinking of solutions. Tim really helped me to identify the cause of a particular stumbling block I had, thus enabling me to address it and move forward. [Anon. Manager, Jersey Charity]

Tim’s approach will always help you explore and reveal more options and solutions. Tim knows how to motivate and guide you to find and achieve your goals. His ideas and way of thinking are built to help you eliminate any challenges you might face. Happy to have worked with him and would warmly recommend to anyone. [Cosmin Saltan]

It’s great working with Tim, it took me a few sessions to understand that there was almost nothing he couldn’t help on. He’s encyclopaedic on concepts that aid all areas of working life. His ability to be a head of the conversation creates a clear and effective pathway for any idea or challenge that is presented to him. He helped me with understanding the potential of myself, improved how i communicate and manage information, whilst maintaining a deep integrity for detail and complexity. Like with all excellent educational experiences my first thought is, how I wish more people can access it. He’s helped specifically in two areas, to present a systems approach methodology to a governmental group, and to rationalise my ideas for a small food business that I am a director of. [IH 2020]

Tim’s style, manner and pragmatic approach has been very valuable. His contribution will have a positive and lasting effect on the way we work as a team. [AH 2020]

Tim Rogers independent and external view provided an excellent sounding-board and some practical challenges to the delivery of the IT Strategy and the development of the Service Delivery Plan and related Key Performance Indicators. What was particularly helpful was the use of a coaching and collaborative style that kept us in the driving seat, but allowed us to call on Tim’s experience at strategic intervals. We believe this allowed is to achieve on 6 weeks what might otherwise have taken 6 months. [MO 2020]



ISSUES: The Parish of St Helier Care Homes are run independently with differing procurement approaches and choices meaning some of the Residential Homes within St Helier where better at some things and others excelled in other areas. Their independence undermined group learning and potential procurement savings which could be achieved by working together. I offered to run a Work-Out to improve procurement approaches and choices. A Work-Out tackles a specific problem or opportunity with the aim of realising £25k of improvement (either through savings or additional income). The agreement was that if Tim was unable to identify £25k of saving no fee would be charged.

ACTION: Working with the Care Homes managers through initially separate and later joined-up meetings a number of procedural and bureaucracy barriers were identified that prevented them from getting best value for their Care Homes. A report and recommendations was drafted and the Care Homes managers, supported by me, were invited to present back to the Finance Director their suggestions for improvement

OUTCOME: The outcome was agreement to the improvements and invigorated ownership and enterprise by the Care Homes managers and trust from the Finance Director that everyone was working together, and that the Care Homes managers be allowed greater scope and freedom in procurement subject to agreed checks and controls.


ISSUES: RBSI has its own version of LEAN, based on General Electric Work-Out I was Manager of Operation Change and Sales Support for NatWest + RBSI and is a Work-Out Advocate (equivalent to a LEAN Green-Belt) responsible for hosting/managing process improvement workshops. Each Work-Out tackles a specific problem or opportunity with the aim of realising £25k of improvement (either through savings or additional income). I ran a number of workshops, winning ovations within the RBSI Group, the most notable being improving RBSI payments processes in the IOM payment centre.

ACTION: Working key people in the IOM payment centre we set-up some simple automation which greatly speeded up IOM payment centre processing. I was acknowledged in RBSI Achievement Awards.

Task: Rationalise helpdesk to make it more efficient and effective, providing faster and better solutions at less cost.

OUTCOME: A more efficient helpdesk, with focus (streamlined products, less variety and confusion) better answers (better documentation & knowledge base) and less cost (avoid wasted time). A by-product was also the review of contracts and changes to deployed documentation and training for clients.

TESTIMONY: Tim’s passion and commitment has helped drive through a number of process improvements. He regularly seeks to challenge the norm, is innovative in his thinking and actively seeks to help others identify solutions to issues and problems across all business functions. Tim is a pleasure to work with and someone I trust to deliver.



Working for Solitaire Consulting Limited .

This is what Farm Jersey said: Farm Jersey used Tim Rogers as an independent facilitator for the review of the Jersey Royal Industry as part of the Rural Economy Strategy (2017-2021). The programme from October to December 2019 went really well, comprising 16 face-to-face interviews, two workshops and a comprehensive set of outputs from each. We are delighted with the process, engagement and outputs that have come from this initiative and the positive impact it has had on our plans for 2020 and beyond. John Vautier (Rural Business Advisor, Economy & Partnerships) John Garton (Farm Jersey)