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Tim H.J. Rogers - Performance Coach and Mentor

Tim Rogers is an ex-triathlete and rower.
He now focusses on coaching people and teams.

Commonwealth Triathlete (Melbourne 2006)
World Champs & 2 x GB Champion Rower
2 x GB Champion Cox

Level 2 Rowing Coach
ICF Trained Coach,
Performance Mentor

Experienced Athlete | Holistic Performance Coach | Team Builder

Profile Overview:

Tim H.J. Rogers, a former elite triathlete and rower, has transitioned his passion for sports into a career in coaching. With over two decades of experience in competitive sports, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to coaching. His approach is comprehensive, focusing not only on technical skills but also on the mental and physical aspects that are crucial for peak performance.

Athletic Achievements:

Triathlon: Competed in the Commonwealth Games (2006), World Triathlon Championships, and Ironman events. Ranked 10th in age group at the World Championships.
Rowing: Multiple times GB Champion, excelling in both indoor and coastal rowing. Winner of national and international rowing competitions.
Diverse Sports Experience: Success in diverse events like the Jersey Tough Guy, Duathlon Series, and cycling races.

Coaching Philosophy:

Tim's coaching style is rooted in his belief that true performance excellence comes from a balance of physical training, mental strength, and tactical expertise. He is dedicated to helping individuals and teams achieve their goals by creating tailored training programs that cater to their specific needs.

Qualifications and Certifications:

Level 2 Rowing Coach
ICF Trained Coach
First Aid, Fitness Instructing, Exercise Nutrition (CYQ Qualified)
Professional bodies: FitPro Member

Highlights of Coaching Career:

Successful transition from athlete to coach, utilizing personal experiences to guide others.
Focused on performance mentoring and mediation, helping athletes overcome challenges.
A proven track record in coaching teams to national titles in rowing.

Why Choose Tim as Your Coach:

Choosing Tim H.J. Rogers as your coach means getting an experienced guide who understands the multifaceted nature of athletic performance. His background as a multi-discipline athlete and his holistic approach to coaching make him an ideal mentor for anyone looking to excel in sports, whether on an individual level or as part of a team.

This profile encapsulates Tim's experience, achievements, coaching philosophy, and qualifications, presenting him as an ideal coach for athletes and teams aiming for high performance.

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Coaching and Training Resources for Triathlon or Rowing
Hopefully you will find some of the resources here helpful

British Rowing Resources

2023-British-Rowing-Rules-of-Racing-v1.pdf 10/07/23
BR_Go_Row_A4_500m_Beginner_Training_Plan_P3.pdf 28/11/21
BR_Go_Row_A4_Advanced_Training_Plan_P3-6.pdf 28/11/21
BR_Go_Row_A4_BRIC_Training_Plan_P3-1.pdf 28/11/21
BR_Go_Row_A4_Beginners_Training_Plan_P3.pdf 28/11/21
BR_Go_Row_A4_Intermediate_Training_Plan_P3-6.pdf 28/11/21
FISA_Club_training_program_English.pdf 21/10/20
L2-Award-in-Coaching-Rowing-Sessions-QS-V2-310518.pdf 28/11/21
Resource 2021-RoR-210310.pdf 22/09/21
Resource BR_Go_Row_A4_500m_Beginner_Training_Plan_P3.pdf 22/09/21
Resource BR_Go_Row_A4_Advanced_Training_Plan_P3-6.pdf 22/09/21
Resource BR_Go_Row_A4_BRIC_Training_Plan_P3-1.pdf 22/09/21
Resource BR_Go_Row_A4_Beginners_Training_Plan_P3.pdf 22/09/21
Resource BR_Go_Row_A4_Intermediate_Training_Plan_P3-6.pdf 22/09/21
Resource British_Rowing_Club_Management_Guide_115pp_v5WEB_72ppi.pdf 22/09/21
Resource Indoor Rowing c2_training_v2.pdf 22/09/21
Resource Introduction to Sports Biomechanics.pdf 22/09/21
Resource Long term Athlete Development LTAD-2.1-EN_web.pdf 22/09/21
Resource Long-Term-Development-in-Sport-and-Physical-Activity-3.0.pdf 22/09/21
Resource Nutrition-Guide.pdf 22/09/21
Resource Regulations-1-September-2018.pdf 22/09/21
Resource Row-Safe-April-2017.pdf 22/09/21
Resource Rowing-A-Supporters-Guide-2017-v1.pdf 22/09/21
Resource Rowing-Health-2014-v1.3-Website.pdf 22/09/21
Resource The-Rower-Development-Guide-Explained-Slides.pdf 22/09/21
Director_of_Performance_Job_Description.pdf 28/11/21
Rower-Development-Guide-v11-051217.pdf 28/11/21
Handout Dynamic warm up exercises.pdf 12/07/20
Handout Equipment outcomes checklist.pdf 12/07/20
Handout GB Rowing Technique.pdf 12/07/20
Handout Nutrition Guide.pdf 12/07/20
Handout Setting up Sliding Seat equipment Factsheet.pdf 12/07/20
Handout Skill Development Handbook.pdf 12/07/20

Jersey Rowing Resources

Handout Cox Guide on Marks and Bouys.pdf 12/07/20
Handout Cox Guide on Tides and Streams.pdf 12/07/20
Handout Jersey Rowing Club Drills.pdf 12/07/20
Race Marks May 2021. bearings and distances.pdf 17/01/22
Race Marks May 2021. bearings and distances.xlsx 17/01/22

Zone7 & Rowing Resources

Session Plan (Session001 3k Tour).pdf 28/11/21
Session Plan (Session002 Harbour 500m).pdf 28/11/21
Session Plan (Session003 Baleine 2ks).pdf 28/11/21
Session Plan Template (Zone7 Rowing).pdf 28/11/21
Zone7 Athlete Testing.pdf 17/12/21
Zone7 GB No1 Ladies Team Rowing Training.pdf 22/09/21
Zone7 Heart Rate and Effort.pdf 10/10/21
Zone7 Masters 50 Rowing Programme 2022.pdf 19/01/22
Zone7 Pace Comparison Table.pdf 22/09/21
Zone7 Performance Roles and Organisation.pdf 22/09/21
Zone7 Personal Performance Plan.pdf 22/09/21
Zone7 Session Plan (Session001 3k Tour).pdf 28/11/21
Zone7 Session Plan (Session002 Harbour 500m).pdf 28/11/21
Zone7 Session Plan (Session003 Baleine 2ks).pdf 28/11/21
Zone7 Session Plan Template (Zone7 Rowing).pdf 28/11/21
Zone7 Speed Calculations.pdf 22/09/21
Zone7 Thoughts on a Rowing Course.pdf 10/10/21
Resource heart_rate_training_chart.pdf 22/09/21
Resource heart_rate_zone_training_ppt.pdf 22/09/21
Resource Man Overboard and Capsize Drills.pdf 10/10/21
Handout Rowing Session Plan Template.pdf 12/07/20
Handout 50 BodyWeight Excercises.pdf 12/07/20
Handout Cox Guide Tide-streams-around-Jersey.pdf 12/07/20
Resource HAGR Checklist.pdf 10/10/21

Zone7 & Rowing Tools

Jersey Rowing Trip Form.html 17/05/23
Jersey Rowing Trip List.html 17/05/23

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2024 Summary Sheets

Summary Sheet 5k Rowing Programme.pdf
Summary Sheet Age Benchmarks.pdf
Summary Sheet Heart Rate Training.pdf
Summary Sheet Nutrition.pdf
Summary Sheet Rowing Drills.pdf
Summary Sheet Sark Rowing Programme.pdf
Summary Sheet Split Routines.pdf
Summary Sheet Strength and Conditioning.pdf
Indoor Rowing_Go Row Indoor Club Workshop.pdf
Indoor Rowing_BR_Go_Row_A4_Handout_P3111.pdf
Indoor Rowing_Classmodelshandout1.pdf

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