I got this email: Are you up for a crazy adventure in 2014?

I replied as follows….
• Personally I hope to rank top 10 in the world for age-group Triathlon, and Rowing
• Professionally I hope to deliver the most significant public sector project undertaken in the Channel Islands, on-time and on-budget
• Locally I hope to make an impact with and www.TEDxStHelier.Com
• Globally I am an Athlete’s Representative for the Commonwealth Games, as assistant Team Manager and will help with the Glasgow 2014 event.

Oh and I did apply for the crazy adventure in 2014.

I think this summarises me, who I am, and what I care about.

key mottos (quotes from other people)…

80% of life is about turning-up (Woody Allen)
– I agree, just get on with it, get it done, stop procrastinating.

Do exactly what it says on the tin (Ronseal) – I agree, there is no ‘secret’ to anything, just do the obvious wall and that is enough.

…fill every 60 seconds with one-minute’s worth of distant run… (Rudyard Kipling) – Yup I agree with this too. Fill every moment and waste no time or effort on things that don’t matter. The credit crunch happened because people spent money they didn’t have on things they didn’t need to impress people they don’t like. All this is waste!

…do what you CAN do, NOW… (Me) – I think too many people worry about things they cannot control and think about the past or the future and waste the opportunities that exist NOW. If you are stuck think, what can I do NOW! Then do it. Don’t waste time worrying about the other stuff which you cannot do right now.