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I am a Consultant, Facilitator, Mentor and Coach, sometimes an Interim Manager. The former offers solutions based on qualification and experience and the latter enables teams and individuals to find their own solutions and pursue their own path.

I deliver performance solutions previously in sport now in business. Triathlon (Commonwealth Games 2006) and Ironman (2006-2016) and Rowing (World Champs 2009, 2010, 2016), GB Champion Coastal Rowing (2017 and 2021).

I am passionate about learning and supporting people. I am an ICF Trained Coach and CIarb Trained Mediator, Lecturer and Trainer for CMI. Former Non-Executive – Public Accounts Committee, and Former Chair of Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee

Tim HJ Rogers
Management Consultant, PRINCE2, APMG Change Practitioner
ICF Trained Coach, IoD Business Mentor, Mediator, TEDx Curator
Commonwealth Triathlete, World Champs and GB Rower


Tim encouraged my to think in ways I wouldn’t have done myself, this provided clarity and paved the way for new opportunities becoming available to me – Ronan, Jersey Recovery College

I was introduced to Tim by another client, and I was a bit sceptical. I didn’t really know how the process worked. But after a brief introduction from Tim I was put at ease. It’s a strange process, Tim doesn’t give you any of the answers what he does is draw them from what you already know. Tim helped me to organise my thoughts. He provided a bit of clarity in terms of priorities and what needed to be done. And at some interesting facts about different types of communication and different ways that people learn. My first session flew by and I can’t wait for my second.

“I have really enjoyed working with Tim for a few sessions. After the chaotic 2020 we have all experienced, the thoughts in my head felt like the insides of a tumble dryer. I knew I had the solutions for some of the challenges I was experiencing, I just couldn’t tease them out. Speaking with Tim helped me to unravel some of the strands of my thinking and follow them through to identify several potential options as well as talk through the role I play in each scenario. Having someone listen without judgement and ask inciteful questions was invaluable at the time that I needed it the most. I have recommended him to others.” [Anon. Manager, Education and Learning]

I found Tim’s approach to coaching extremely helpful in exporting ideas and thinking of solutions. Tim really helped me to identify the cause of a particular stumbling block I had, thus enabling me to address it and move forward. [Anon. Manager, Jersey Charity]

Tim’s approach will always help you explore and reveal more options and solutions. Tim knows how to motivate and guide you to find and achieve your goals. His ideas and way of thinking are built to help you eliminate any challenges you might face. Happy to have worked with him and would warmly recommend to anyone. [Cosmin Saltan]

It’s great working with Tim, it took me a few sessions to understand that there was almost nothing he couldn’t help on. He’s encyclopaedic on concepts that aid all areas of working life. His ability to be a head of the conversation creates a clear and effective pathway for any idea or challenge that is presented to him. He helped me with understanding the potential of myself, improved how i communicate and manage information, whilst maintaining a deep integrity for detail and complexity. Like with all excellent educational experiences my first thought is, how I wish more people can access it. He’s helped specifically in two areas, to present a systems approach methodology to a governmental group, and to rationalise my ideas for a small food business that I am a director of. [IH 2020]

Tim’s style, manner and pragmatic approach has been very valuable. His contribution will have a positive and lasting effect on the way we work as a team. [AH 2020]



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